Mihai Toma is a Romanian composer and producer, well known for the songs Flutaka, Ena and Moon Dance that appeared on Buddha Bar Vol. XV, XVII and XIX. His music combines electronic sounds, Chill-Out or Up-Tempo rhythms, ethnic percussion and folk themes inspired by Romanian traditions, as well as cultures around the world.

Mihai Toma begins his music career at the age of 16, collaborating with Romanian bands and famous artists like Smiley, Morandi, Marius Moga, Loredana Groza. The artist writes,  produces and orchestrates music for Romanian bands and also for international singers –  Amazon Ensemble (Brazilian folk music), Chandra Lacombe (music for healing and meditation), Thor Nishanlee (Indian pop music).

His three albums Flutaka, Dacika and Carpatika contain electronic, chillout, world music songs with modern, spacious, rhythmical and spiritual sonorities. He gracefully blends romanian folk instruments – whistle, pan flute, taragot, violin – with new age synthetic sounds and classical orchestra, being appreciated by the Romanian  and foreign audience –  Dj Ravin   `Love it! Simply emotional!`

He is the first producer of modern music who participated in George Enescu Festival, offering to the audience 6 remixes of the most known themes of the famous classical composer George Enescu: Enesciada 2015.

Mihai Toma performs a wide variety of musical instruments –  traditional flutes, guitar, keyboards, percussion  as well as other uncommon instruments.

His passion for music and sound led him to develop himself towards a wide range of music related domains, becoming the producer of a classic story-tale and writing music for TV ads, radio promos, and above all,  film music.